Our Coffee

At Neal Street Espresso, the journey of the coffee we serve is very important to us.

We buy our coffee from Nuach Coffee, specialty coffee roasters and supporters of our work with prison leavers. They source their coffee from South America, Africa and Asia through a sustainable model that supports many smallholder farmers giving us a great way to serve a variety of exceptionally great coffees and support farmers from around the world.

Our baristas carefully check wet and dry aromas, flavours, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance and the overall characteristics of each coffee that we select and serve at Neal Street Espresso. 

A range of speciality chocolates and single estate teas are also available, and we also serve sourdough toasties with a range of fillings and a range of cake and treats, with vegan options.

Guest Filter Coffee

We rotate our filter coffees on a regular basis, these are two of our most popular. Why not call in and see what we’re offering this month?

Mchezi Hill Estate: Mchezi Hill Estate is a 360ha farm in Kasungu, Central Malawi. The estate cultivates coffee and macadamia nuts and prides themselves on attention to detail, quality, training, and empowerment of the local community to help operate the farm.

Ripe cherries spend up to 20 days in the sun continuously raked to ensure consistent drying. Well-developed roast, great for filter or espresso.

Hulia Region: Grown in perfect growing conditions in the Huila region in the South East of Colombia, these Arabica beans avoid the acidity and bitterness often associated with Colombian coffee.

Colombian Huila offers balanced flavour with full juicy body. With subtle tastes of blackcurrant and black forest berries.  Great for filter or Espresso.